Month #2 – the good, the bad and the unexpected

Ellie Anywhere monthly roundup

Location: Roatan, Honduras The good The XVI Roatan International Fishing Tournament After 6 weeks of living in the West End of Roatan, I’d become happily accustomed to its gentle pace of life. Lazy days and relaxed evenings bleed into alcohol-fueled nocturnal activities, but when it comes to noise, hubbub and all-night parties, Roatan sits happily in the shadow of her party animal sister, Utila. That is until the weekend of the fishing tournament.
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Why Roatan should be your next travel destination

Roatan, Honduras

When I first made the decision to move to Roatan, I wasn’t surprised to find that not many people had heard of it. This little island, nestled in the Caribbean bay off the coast of Honduras, is but a tiny blip on the UK tourist industry’s radar. But what did surprise me was how violent the reaction to travelling to Honduras was. People were aghast to hear that I was willingly moving to ‘the most dangerous place in the world’. “Careful you don’t get stabbed”, or “make sure you carry a rape alarm” we’re standard nuggets of advice that people who had never even been to Honduras were so sagely offering me.
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Shark week

Silky shark, Roatan

On July 5th, the Discovery Channel celebrated it’s annual airing of its ode to big fish – Shark Week. Unfortunately for me, on July 5th, I was stuck in a landlocked city in England with about as much hope of seeing a shark as I did of seeing the Loch Ness Monster, and so the week passed me by with little acknowledgement other than the odd sharky snap popping up on my Instagram feed. But arriving in Central America with three months solid diving stretching ahead of me, I began to consider the prospect of coming face to face with a shark a little more seriously.
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Rehoming my dogs to travel

Leaving your pets to travel the world

How I made the heart-wrenching decision to travel the world and leave my pets behind I love dogs. I always have. I love all animals in fact but, at a push, I’d call myself a dog person. When I left home for university and endured a 4-year dog-free existence, I decided that enough was enough. It was time to fill the puppy shaped hole in my life. Choosing which breed to go for was easy enough; I loved big dogs but knew it would be unfair to have one whilst I worked full-time, so wanted to find a compromise, something with small enough legs that it didn’t need long rambling walks twice daily, but a huge personality to make up for it. Enter the pug.
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Exploring the mangroves of Roatan

Exploring the mangroves of Roatan header

It was with more than a little surprise that I realised that over a week had passed since I first arrived in Roatan. It wasn’t so much that time was flying – life doesn’t tend to live up to the clichés when push comes to shove – but that the days were being quietly swallowed up by the humdrum minutiae that had framed our arrival here. Finding an apartment, experimenting with a new language, discovering a problem with our visa that resulted in a day-trip to the broom cupboard that is Raotan’s immigration office, locating the one ATM on the island that will accept our credit card, and more generally just getting on with the business of learning new names, new faces, where to eat, where to get your washing done… the list goes on. It was this flurry of pedestrian necessities that defined my first week on the island, so it was a pleasant jolt from what was becoming the tiring business of adjusting to travel when I woke up on my first day off to the realisation that nothing needed doing; the day was free for exploration.
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