Diving in Saint Lucia, and other topside activities

Recalling my holiday to St Lucia in 2014

Saint Lucia is not a big island – just 27 miles from head to toe to be precise – but with only 2 weeks to enjoy everything it had to offer, it felt plenty big enough to provide all the adventure we could wish for. We set our sights on St Lucia as the perfect holiday destination – sand, sea and adventure and relaxation in equal measures. The lush green landscape is a playground for trekkers and sightseers alike, and the clear warm waters are a diver’s delight.
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PADI Advanced Open Water – the road to going Pro

Adventures in diving manual

From the first tentative foray into breathing underwater in a lukewarm swimming pool, to (eventually) teaching students the skills they need to qualify, the road to pro may be a long one but it’s proving to be one hell of an awesome journey. Having taken our Open Water in Malta earlier this year, James and I decided that our holiday to St Lucia would be the perfect chance to take the next step. Even before we qualified, we planned our trip around diving, knowing that it was something we both loved and wanted to do more of. We wanted to choose a destination that offered great diving as well as good food, beaches and culture.
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