Becoming a Divemaster, Part I – a day in the life of a DMT

Training to be a DMT

Since my travels well and truly kicked off in July and I arrived in Roatan, Honduras, I’ve had a lot of emails and questions asking about what day-to-day life looks like for me. I’ve tempted you with pictures from beneath the ocean and stories from my romps and japers above sea-level. I’ve told the tales of my more ‘blog-worthy experiences’, and shared tit-bits of my activities in my monthly round-ups, but I’ll hold my hands up to the fact that accounts of my ‘normal’ daily doings have been somewhat scant. So please allow me to remedy that now.
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Shark week

Silky shark, Roatan

On July 5th, the Discovery Channel celebrated it’s annual airing of its ode to big fish – Shark Week. Unfortunately for me, on July 5th, I was stuck in a landlocked city in England with about as much hope of seeing a shark as I did of seeing the Loch Ness Monster, and so the week passed me by with little acknowledgement other than the odd sharky snap popping up on my Instagram feed. But arriving in Central America with three months solid diving stretching ahead of me, I began to consider the prospect of coming face to face with a shark a little more seriously.
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Diving in Saint Lucia, and other topside activities

Recalling my holiday to St Lucia in 2014

Saint Lucia is not a big island – just 27 miles from head to toe to be precise – but with only 2 weeks to enjoy everything it had to offer, it felt plenty big enough to provide all the adventure we could wish for. We set our sights on St Lucia as the perfect holiday destination – sand, sea and adventure and relaxation in equal measures. The lush green landscape is a playground for trekkers and sightseers alike, and the clear warm waters are a diver’s delight.
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Becoming a PADI Rescue Diver

Taking the PADI rescue course in Roatan

You’re gliding through a warm, clear ocean, with the sunlight splintering overhead and swarms of tropical fish darting in front of your eyes. It’s the picture of tranquillity and calm. You spot a turtle sculling lazily beneath you and turn to point it out to your buddy. But he’s not there. Momentarily disorientated you turn circles in the water, stretching your peripheries to find him, but still you can’t see him. Panicked now, you retrace your path, searching desperately for a tell-tale string of bubbles or flash of fin. And then you see him floating motionlessly beneath you, head down, regulator out, unconscious.
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Will I ever get sick of this?

Diving in Roatan

Diving in Roatan for the first time It’s been a week since I stepped off the plane at Roatan airport and made my way to the place I’ll be calling home for the next 3 months: Coconut Tree Divers in the West End of the island. James and I had barely had time to dump our stuff and introduce ourselves before we were met with a proposition: “there’s a boat going out in 20 minutes, would you like to go?” Errr, I believe the only appropriate response to that sort of question is ‘hell yes!’, so we happily unpacked our kit and got ourselves prepped for the first ever dive in Roatan.
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PADI Open Water Course – the journey to divemaster begins in Malta

Completing my PADI Open Water in Malta with Maltaqua

I am lucky in love. I have found a burning passion, a heady romance, a deep and unconditional love in diving. Me and diving have entertained a courtship that started years ago, tentatively, on a blustery day in April. On a Mediterannean island in the chilly Spring of 2012 diving began to woo me. Much like any holiday romance, after our brief but ardent fling, we parted ways for what I thought would be forever. But, just a short year later, I found myself in diving’s underwater embrace once again, this time in Bali. Whilst gliding alongside sea turtles in the clear Indonesian waters, I vowed that I would stop being such a capricious lover and that I would take my fickle flirtations to the next level; it was time to commit. I wanted to become certified, to complete my PADI Open Water, and where better to do so than in the place where it all began – Malta.
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PADI Advanced Open Water – the road to going Pro

Adventures in diving manual

From the first tentative foray into breathing underwater in a lukewarm swimming pool, to (eventually) teaching students the skills they need to qualify, the road to pro may be a long one but it’s proving to be one hell of an awesome journey. Having taken our Open Water in Malta earlier this year, James and I decided that our holiday to St Lucia would be the perfect chance to take the next step. Even before we qualified, we planned our trip around diving, knowing that it was something we both loved and wanted to do more of. We wanted to choose a destination that offered great diving as well as good food, beaches and culture.
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All I want for Christmas is… some fresh diving inspiration

Dreaming of diving this Christmas

Christmas time is here, and I’m dreaming of diving. More importantly, I’m saving for diving as well, which leaves little room for lavish gifts. Instead, this year James and I decided to limit our generosity to an early Christmas day including good food and a lot of drink. But in the spirit of Christmas I decided to push the boat out, splash out an pretty special last minute present – a new shower curtain. I know, call me Ms Generosity, but I was getting sick of picking the mildew off the old one, and what else says “I love you” like a shower curtain?
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Where to divemaster? Choosing a dive centre…

Choosing a divemaster centre

If you’re like me and are considering throwing yourself fins-first into a divemaster course, you’ll probably have spent hours agonising over the decision. Where in the world to go? With which centre? What sort of things should you look for, and how can you know that you’re making the right choice? If, like me, you’ve struggled to find answers to these questions, then you’ll know how frustrating it can be to aimlessly flit from site to site, only to feel more in the dark than when you started out on your research mission.
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