PADI Open Water Course – the journey to divemaster begins in Malta

Completing my PADI Open Water in Malta with Maltaqua

I am lucky in love. I have found a burning passion, a heady romance, a deep and unconditional love in diving. Me and diving have entertained a courtship that started years ago, tentatively, on a blustery day in April. On a Mediterannean island in the chilly Spring of 2012 diving began to woo me. Much like any holiday romance, after our brief but ardent fling, we parted ways for what I thought would be forever. But, just a short year later, I found myself in diving’s underwater embrace once again, this time in Bali. Whilst gliding alongside sea turtles in the clear Indonesian waters, I vowed that I would stop being such a capricious lover and that I would take my fickle flirtations to the next level; it was time to commit. I wanted to become certified, to complete my PADI Open Water, and where better to do so than in the place where it all began – Malta.
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