Exploring the mangroves of Roatan

Exploring the mangroves of Roatan header

It was with more than a little surprise that I realised that over a week had passed since I first arrived in Roatan. It wasn’t so much that time was flying – life doesn’t tend to live up to the clichés when push comes to shove – but that the days were being quietly swallowed up by the humdrum minutiae that had framed our arrival here. Finding an apartment, experimenting with a new language, discovering a problem with our visa that resulted in a day-trip to the broom cupboard that is Raotan’s immigration office, locating the one ATM on the island that will accept our credit card, and more generally just getting on with the business of learning new names, new faces, where to eat, where to get your washing done… the list goes on. It was this flurry of pedestrian necessities that defined my first week on the island, so it was a pleasant jolt from what was becoming the tiring business of adjusting to travel when I woke up on my first day off to the realisation that nothing needed doing; the day was free for exploration.
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