My FIRST life-change-iversary – the good, the bad and the unexpected

My very first life-change-iversary

*SPOILER ALERT* This is going to be a long post. It’s also likely to be my last post for a little while at least. If you make it through the next 3000 words, I’ll see you on the other side… Life-change-iversary, it’s a word. Right? And if it’s not, it should be. Because it’s been a year since I got on a plane and headed scared sh*tless boldly into a new life. Can’t see the end of the road yet I celebrated July 19th 2016 as the anniversary of the day I changed my life forever. Not just because it’s the date I left England, marking the culmination of months of planning and stress, but because ever since that day I have lived life in a whole new way: with uncertainty, with purpose, and with a whole lot of adventure in between the two ends of the spectrum. Needless to say, it’s been a big year. In the last 12 months I have had the privilege of living in four very different countries, of making new friends and trying new things, of taking myself from novice diver to instructor in the space of six months, and of slowly learning to accept the great unknown that my life now is. As I’ve gone along, I’ve tried to keep a fairly consistent record of the highs, the lows, and the surprises that have defined my experience which I look back on fondly as a sort of travel journal. So on this special anniversary
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Vive la resolution!

Making resolutions for 2016

I never used to be a big fan of new years resolutions. By which I mean, I never used to be very good at keeping them which is tantamount to the same thing. I tended to pick grandiose new challenges that I thought would make me a better, more rounded person, and then suffer the frustration and sense of failure that would come when I inevitably failed to have mastered Italian, learned how to kick box, and got a boyfriend by the end of the year (oh 2002, what a cruel year you were!) But last year, when this blog was still nothing more than my guilty little secret, I set about making a list of achievable goals for 2015. I tried a new approach, I focused on concepts rather than things – ‘say yes’, ‘be honest’, ‘live in the moment’ – and, in the main, I’m pleased to say I succeeded.
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Home from home – making a house a home whilst travelling

Turning a rented apartment into a home while travelling

Moving. It’s an inevitable part of travel. Hell, it’s the whole point of travel: keep moving, keep exploring, keep going. But with the new sights and experiences that come with new places, also comes the inexorable administration of finding a place to stay. For the holiday-maker or backpacker, this is often a simple process of picking a hotel or hostel and finding somewhere safe to leave their belongings and rest their travel-weary head for a few days. But if you travel slow, the only affordable way to live is to rent yourself a home-base.
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What we want vs. what we need

Travel blogging - you really need a laptop

Leaving behind the materialistic, consumer-driven rat-race in search of a simpler way of living – it’s the driving force behind many people’s choice to travel the world. For me, it was a liberating experience to sell my house and the majority of my possessions, to sever the connection between the material things that tethered me to the UK and to pack my life into just one backpack. It was a welcome realisation to find that I didn’t miss the things that I’d taken for granted at home, the things that I assumed that I needed. Nail varnish, makeup, high-heels and expensive hair products have become obsolete, I wear a rotation of the same 9 or 10 outfits without batting an eyelid, and staples of normal evenings in at home – TV, microwave meals, hot showers – have quickly faded into a distant memory of a life that I no longer really crave. After a couple of months living merrily in more spartan conditions, I congratulated myself on the knowledge that I didn’t need large amounts of money or expensive things to make my travels happy ones.
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