Why Roatan should be your next travel destination

Roatan, Honduras

When I first made the decision to move to Roatan, I wasn’t surprised to find that not many people had heard of it. This little island, nestled in the Caribbean bay off the coast of Honduras, is but a tiny blip on the UK tourist industry’s radar. But what did surprise me was how violent the reaction to travelling to Honduras was. People were aghast to hear that I was willingly moving to ‘the most dangerous place in the world’. “Careful you don’t get stabbed”, or “make sure you carry a rape alarm” we’re standard nuggets of advice that people who had never even been to Honduras were so sagely offering me.
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Houston, we have a problem


How an emergency landing in Maine kick started my new life of adventure After a long, stressful and impatient build up that stretched over a year, it was a surreal feeling to wake up on the morning of my departure to Honduras. This was the start of the great adventure, the moment I’d been waiting for. Since moving out of our home a month ago, James and I have been living with his Dad in the spare room. We’ve spent 4 weeks packing in goodbyes and farewells to friends and family all across the country. Arriving at Heathrow airport was, after such a long build up, a pretty poignant moment:
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The time I went to Hawaii & Mexico. Apparently.


Ah, the hot white sand of Hawaii, the world-class diving in azure waters and the fragrant scent of fresh fish cooking on smoky fires; the majestic wonders of ancient Mexico, the smell of spice carrying on the warm breeze; I close my eyes and I can picture it now. But remember it? Not a chance. That’s because – to my undying exasperation – this beyond fabulous adventure to far-off tropical lands happened before I was walking, talking or forming longterm memories.
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7 easily forgotten travel costs

Easily forgotten travel costs header

Whether you’re going for a two week jaunt to a sunnier clime, or a round-the-world, open-ended backpacking adventure, travelling can be an expensive affair. Any avid traveller will preach to you the difference between cost and worth, and I’ve yet to meet someone who believes that their hard-earned cash was wasted on travel, but it’s important that you prepare yourself financially before you leave, not least to prevent you running home early with your tail between your legs because you’ve burned through your savings in half the time you’d budgeted for.
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7 tips and tricks for a city break in Venice

How to get the most out of a city break in Venice

A few months ago I found myself staring at an email stating my wish to attend a travel writing retreat in Venice and finding little reason not to send it. Why not combine a passion of mine with an excuse for a city break in Venice? Little reason quickly became none at all and I pressed send. For this, I’ll be forever grateful as it gave me the opportunity to rediscover a much-loved jewel of a city that sits proudly in Italy’s majestic crown. Whilst my afternoons have been filled with intensive writing workshops, my mornings and evenings have been mine to fill with hours of contented exploration. On my last day in this world-famous city I have resolutely compiled a list of handy tips of how to make the most of your time in Venice, without falling into the classic tourist pit-holes of long-queues, holiday burn-out and weary feet.
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I’m spoiled…

27 countries visited and I haven't even started travelling - apparently

When it comes to seeing the world, I have it pretty good. I live on an island that is perfectly positioned to visit the many and varied delights that Europe has to offer. I’ve also benefited from the luxury of living abroad as a child. Born in Canada, we moved back to England, via Germany, in time for me to start school. Then England, then Germany, the England again. This yo-yoing between countries meant that I not only experienced different cultures first-hand, but that a whole new range of holiday destinations was opened up to us. Hawaii, Mexico and the Rockies before I could walk or talk? You could say I was born to travel.
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Why blog?

Why I'm writing a blog

The decision to overthrow my entire life and move to Central America to train to be a diving instructor has not been taken lightly. The idea started buzzing round my head last July. In August, James and I were getting seriously tempted. By September, we were convinced. Counting down the days to ‘le grand depart’, to the day that we step off a plane from England and into a whole new life, is proving to be a thought-provoking experience. I’ve been compelled to start writing, to lay the foundations for this blog, ready to release into the big bad world. I’m hoping to capture as much as the journey as possible – to share it with anyone who’s interested to know more about the world and what I’m doing in it. But with months still to go and plenty of time to overthink my motives for embarking on this great adventure, I’ve also been sparing a thought to why I even want to blog about it in the first place.
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