Vive la resolution!

Making resolutions for 2016

I never used to be a big fan of new years resolutions. By which I mean, I never used to be very good at keeping them which is tantamount to the same thing. I tended to pick grandiose new challenges that I thought would make me a better, more rounded person, and then suffer the frustration and sense of failure that would come when I inevitably failed to have mastered Italian, learned how to kick box, and got a boyfriend by the end of the year (oh 2002, what a cruel year you were!) But last year, when this blog was still nothing more than my guilty little secret, I set about making a list of achievable goals for 2015. I tried a new approach, I focused on concepts rather than things – ‘say yes’, ‘be honest’, ‘live in the moment’ – and, in the main, I’m pleased to say I succeeded.
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Retreating to Venice to write – Pink Pangea’s travel writing retreat

Pink Pangea travel writing retreat Venice 2015

It started with an email. An 8-hour day in a conventional office can feel like an eternity and at 10am on one particularly dreary day I was surreptitiously feeding my guilty addiction, scrolling through a Twitter feed saturated with travel blogs, travel photography and travel inspiration. Amongst these was a recurring message – ‘sign up to our travel writing retreat in Venice’
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Hello world! goes live!

Hello, my name is Ellie, and I’ve been living a double life. By day I’m a diligent, 9-to-5 office worker. But at night I transform into a different me. I let my fantasies of wandering away from the humdrum of daily life run wild and write about the world. About travelling it, diving into it, climbing it and trying to understand it. After months of this Clark Kent style existence, I’m donning the cape good and proper and letting the fantasies become a reality. I found the perfect dive centre to train for my Divemaster with. I booked a one-way ticket to Central America. I handed in my notice for my very adequate desk job. I sold my house. And I started a blog.
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Quitting my job and moving abroad is a great idea…right?!

Travelling the world is a great idea - right?!

Losing Control This week started badly. I spent the weekend trying to grapple with the numbers surrounding this venture – how much will it all cost, how much should we put into our contingency fund, how long will it take to sell the house and how many days notice should I give? It was all starting to sound like a complicated maths problem that I’d struggle to solve:
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New year, new you

My travelling & blogging resolutions

I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. I always seem to start the year with every intention of fulfilling some vague, obligatory goals – you know the kind: eat more vegetables, lose weight, always take your makeup off before you go to sleep, and learn Japanese. Well-meaninged to be sure, but utterly generic. As a result, I find that I’ve broken the majority of them by the second week of January, and treat myself to a massive chocolate binge to compensate.  But with so many massive milestones ahead of me, I thought that 2015 is the prime year to give them another go.
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Why blog?

Why I'm writing a blog

The decision to overthrow my entire life and move to Central America to train to be a diving instructor has not been taken lightly. The idea started buzzing round my head last July. In August, James and I were getting seriously tempted. By September, we were convinced. Counting down the days to ‘le grand depart’, to the day that we step off a plane from England and into a whole new life, is proving to be a thought-provoking experience. I’ve been compelled to start writing, to lay the foundations for this blog, ready to release into the big bad world. I’m hoping to capture as much as the journey as possible – to share it with anyone who’s interested to know more about the world and what I’m doing in it. But with months still to go and plenty of time to overthink my motives for embarking on this great adventure, I’ve also been sparing a thought to why I even want to blog about it in the first place.
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