The World is my Office

Welcome to the home of ‘The World is my Office’ – a series of interviews with a whole bunch of inspiring people who incorporate travel into their working life.

What are the interviews about?

In 2014, I made the decision to quit my job, sell my house and travel the world. My plans were met with a range of responses: “you’re so brave”, “so you’re actually going to work abroad?!”, “I could never do that”. And it got me thinking – for many people, the prospect of throwing in the towel to venture into a world of unknowns is neither practical nor appealing; not everyone wants to turn their back on a high-flying career in favour of a nomadic lifestyle. Instead, there are countless inspiring individuals who choose to incorporate travel into their working lives in a more reliable format.

Whether they live and work overseas, or get to travel as part of their job, this series shows that getting paid to travel in one form or another is a diverse and achievable goal.

So how does it work?

Each interview asks ten set questions to a different professional. Whist the questions remain the same, the answers differ wildly, and offer an accurate insight into the reality of the many and varied jobs which involve travel in some way or another. These interviews allow you to discover practical details about travelling with work, as well as some more surprising elements that you might not know about.

I hope that these interviews will inspire you, will show you that you don’t have to follow any set route to make travel a part of your professional life, by showing the many different ways people factor working abroad into their day job.

If you travel with work or work abroad and are interested in featuring in the ‘The World is my Office’ series, please contact me directly.

Introducing my collection of inspiring professional travellers…

The world is my office - Ruth, a managing editor for an Academic Publisher
Ruth is an editor for a leading academic publisher based in Cambridge, UK. She travels the world with work to scientific conferences in far flung locations, including South Korea, Seattle and Strasbourg. You can read her interview here.


Ed_TWIMO Thumbnail
After graduating university and doing the full-time 9-to-5 thing, Ed decided to sell all his belongings, quit his conventional job and train to become a superyacht engineer. He now travels to some of the world’s most amazing luxury locations and gets paid for it. Read about his inspiring new career here.


Julia_TWIMO thumbnail


Since leaving her native Germany, Julia’s high-flying career at Unilever has taken her across the world. After making the most of living in London and travelling Europe voraciously, Julia has recently moved to India with work. Read all about it here.