Vive la resolution!

Making resolutions for 2016

I never used to be a big fan of new years resolutions. By which I mean, I never used to be very good at keeping them which is tantamount to the same thing. I tended to pick grandiose new challenges that I thought would make me a better, more rounded person, and then suffer the frustration and sense of failure that would come when I inevitably failed to have mastered Italian, learned how to kick box, and got a boyfriend by the end of the year (oh 2002, what a cruel year you were!)

But last year, when this blog was still nothing more than my guilty little secret, I set about making a list of achievable goals for 2015. I tried a new approach, I focused on concepts rather than things – ‘say yes’, ‘be honest’, ‘live in the moment’ – and, in the main, I’m pleased to say I succeeded.

Unrealistic New Year's resolutions

But achievable though these were in comparison to my youthful wish-lists, they read as more of a list of principles to uphold rather than specific, achievable promises. It’s hard to say, “yes! I achieved my resolution!”, when the promises concerned are so abstract. Admirable though my epithets were, they’re not ones that should be limited to a year-long shelf life.

There’s something terribly English about last year’s attempt. All very gallant oaths, but not a lot of risk or flair. So, this year, I’ve decided to be swept up by the Latin verve that surrounds me here in Central America and throw myself dramatically into the fray of new year’s resolutions with real gusto. No more tentative suggestions, no more vague, abstract allusions, this year I’m making a list of the things that I passionately want to achieve.

But here’s the catch… I’m picking just one. Yep, the days of aimlessly frolicking around in a ball-pit of vague notions are behind me; this year I’m setting my sights on one goal. Vive la resolution!

1 (and only). Make money with my words

Wow, with sentences like that it’s a mystery why this hasn’t happened already, right? But there’s a reason for my remedial vagueness; I don’t have any particular demands as to how this happens. Freelancer, guest writer, blogger, script-writer, copywriter, author, journalist, creator of the little jokes that go inside Christmas crackers… Who knows? Who cares?! I just know that after a year of near-religious dedication to this blog, I want to write. And, we’re being bold this time around after all, I want to get paid for it in some way or another.

I hope that in setting one bold and passionate plan for the year ahead I’ll focus my efforts into one unstoppable beam of intention, and emerge in 2017 all the more victorious for it. Get me a pen and paper… 2016 – I’m coming for you!

Writing resolutions for 2016

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